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apples benefits

One of the most important benefits of apples that make a lot of people interested in it is that it is used in rapid weight loss, and some see it as the best way to slim the body, and there are some studies that revealed that one apple a day is enough to slim the body in a short period, as apples help greatly Fat burning and some people took an apple about a quarter of an hour before eating that their rate of burning fat was greater and higher than people who did not eat it

And the benefits of apples do not end with slimming only, it has a great effect on the bones and alleviating asthma and fighting early aging and its diseases such as Alzheimer's. It also has the ability to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, the freshness of the skin and protects from constipation and rid the body of toxins, as it is useful for the lung, stomach and heart. So apples are ranked first in many people. You also were part of these people who cannot do without this fruit

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